Winfield Auction Center

Have Gavel Will Travel On Dirt, Blacktop or Gravel!

Winfield Auction was founded in June of 1986 by William and Goldie Barnett in a building previously used for packaging wholesale merchandise. William began auctioneering in the 70′s in Mt. Chestnut, PA prior to purchasing the building in 1986. He auctioneered there from 1986 through 1990 and then his son Dean took over business operations. In 1995 Dean purchased the business outright.

​​Dean has been in auctions over 20 years, and has many customers who return every year since he started. Dean is a fair man who makes sure that he does his best to provide a fair deal to the consignee while helping the consumer to get a great buy!

Dean, his wife, and family live outside Sunbury and enjoy being great hosts to their visitors at home and at the auction.


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